Make Your Home Even Greener by Choosing a Sustainable Provider Like Scottish Power

We’re dedicated to helping households and businesses in Devon and the Southwest to improve their energy efficiency. By making the right green installations, you can improve the grade of your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). A measure that can not only reduce your annual energy bills, but it can also make your property more desirable, and even help to improve its resale value. Not to mention all the good you’re doing for the planet by reducing your energy consumption and lowering your carbon footprint. But those looking to make their home as green as possible would do well to look beyond their EPC.

There are lots of other ways you can make your home greener from reducing plastic waste to switching their energy supplier.

Does switching energy suppliers really make a difference?

It sure does! Most energy suppliers have a diverse energy fuel mix, with their electricity coming from a combination of fossil fuels like coal and as, nuclear power and renewables like solar, wind and hydropower. But more and more suppliers are beginning to deliver 100% renewable electricity. As the folks at Switch-Plan will tell you, even larger providers like Scottish Power are now offering green electricity. So you can power your home renewable without worrying about your carbon footprint. Or your prices. You can find out more about Scottish Power by Clicking Here.

Why choose Scottish Power?

Scottish Power was the first of the “Big 6” energy companies (which also includes British Gas, E.On, EDF, N Power, and SSE) to offer 100% renewable energy. What’s more, all of its renewable electricity comes from its own renewable energy projects (including extensive on and offshore wind farming). This sets it apart from other “greenwashed” energy tariffs that exploit an energy industry loophole. Essentially, energy providers buy cheap renewable energy certificates to match the electricity that they supply to customers. A practice that energy watchdog Ofgem is increasingly clamping down on.

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