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Who are we?

Energy Performance Direct offers an energy consultancy service and energy advice on commercial and domestic buildings as well as EPC’s. We aim to assist our clients to identify areas of improvement to reduce the energy costs of running a building.

With ever-increasing energy costs, it’s becoming more and more worthwhile to improve buildings to avoid heat and energy loss. Substantial savings can be made in the long term by investing in energy improvements now and taking action now will help to safeguard against any possible future energy price rises.

If you are embarking on a renovation or new build project and need some energy efficiency or renewable energy advice then we offer a fully independent and impartial energy consultancy service. We look at the whole project and offer the best advice to ensure low cost and low impact solutions.

The Process

The process of energy consultancy involves a detailed survey of the existing building and how it is occupied and provides recommendations on how best to improve the building and make it as efficient as the needs and budget of our clients demand.

We will be looking at the construction, age and materials to determine heat loss through the physical elements of the building such as walls, floors, roof, doors and windows. We will also look at the heating, cooling and ventilation systems, the current lighting efficiencies and how the building is used to identify if there are any behavioural changes that can be made to help reduce costs.

Obtaining advice in the planning stages of your project will give you an idea of upfront cost and future savings as well as a better understanding of how any of the following technologies work.


Insulating your building is the most effective way of improving the energy efficiency, lowering utility bills and improving the comfort for the occupiers. Insulating comes in many forms from sheep wool to space blankets and can be used to improve the roof, walls and floor as well as doors, pipes, hot water tanks etc which our energy consultancy can help you with.


Improving Windows also has a large impact on heat loss. The choice and range of products can be a minefield, from draft proofing through secondary glazing, double to triple glazing with low e glass energy-efficient spacers and gas-filled units. We can help advise on the best solution to suit your property and aspirations.

Solar PV.

Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels generate electricity that can be used and sold back to the national grid. The Panels can be located in a multitude of locations from fields and barns to domestic and commercial rooftops; flat or pitched. An installation will save you money on your electricity bill and give a return on your investment as well as significantly cutting your carbon footprint. Let us help inform you of the viability and return on investment.

Solar Thermal

Tubes or flat panels used to heat water or heat a thermal store used for heating. These panels can help directly reduce energy costs and can generate heat all year round by. Solar thermal works well with other heating solutions as it can preheat water to help extend the life of both.

Thermodynamic Panels

Like a fridge but in reverse. These solar panels work in a similar way to a heat pump in as much as they absorb heat from the atmosphere, turn it to a gas, compress it and then extract the heat and deliver it to your home. They work well no matter the weather and can produce 100% of domestic hot water and greatly contribute to the heating as well.

Wind turbines

Wind turbines are the ideal technology for the blustery UK. They are location dependant however and will generate more energy at the time of year you need it. There are two types of domestic-sized wind turbine:

Pole mounted: these are free-standing and are erected in a suitably exposed position, often about 5kW to 6kW.

Building-mounted: these are smaller than mast mounted systems and can be installed on the roof of a home where there is a suitable wind resource. Often these are around 1kW to 2kW in size.

Hydro Power

Using the flow of water to turn a turbine and produce electricity. A great solution if you have a stream or river on your property and its a tried and tested technology that can be adapted to power any size home.

Heat Pumps

Choose either air, water or ground source heat pumps that extract heat, compress it to increase the temperature and then transfer it to your home. Works like a fridge only in reverse and can work well with wet systems. Ideal if combined with PV or a wind turbine (to power the pumps) and under floor heating (to distribute more consistent low temperatures)

Biomass Boilers

Boilers and heating fuelled by biomass in the form of wood logs, pellets or wood chip offer a good solution for those in areas not connected to the gas network. Wood is often cheap, burns at high temperatures and is carbon neutral. A great solution if you have a supply of wood and storage space. Ideally suited to building with high thermal mass but relatively low insulation like solid wall or cob.

The service we offer looks at the building and the occupiers to draw up a list of bespoke measures to suite budget and impart the greatest impact on energy efficiency and ongoing fuel costs. All our installers have all the relevant qualifications and accreditations and are local and reliable. We are not tied to one particular brand or manufacturer and can therefore pick the best technology for the project. Please do make contact for a free quote and an idea of what we can offer you.

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