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FLOOR PLANS - Exeter & Devon

Energy performance Direct also provides marketing floor plans to help visualise the plan of a property. Floor plans are available for both commercial and domestic properties and are a valuable tool when attracting potential buyers or tenants. An electronic measurement device is used to survey the property and create a floor plan with both metric and imperial room sizes. The average property can take approximately an hour to survey and will require access to every part of the building. Plans are sent in PDF format however other formats are available on request.

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Why not sketch your own floor plan and send it to us to draw up using CAD software. We will send you the PDF and Jpeg and the CAD file once complete. Send us an email for a quote with an idea of the number of separate rooms or garden spaces (exclude cupboards and corridors from room/garden space counts)

You will need:
  • Paper (A4 or A3 graph paper is best)
    Pens and Pencils.
  • Start in pencil so you can erase any mistakes as you go.
  • Laser measure and or tape measure (you may need an extra pair of hands with a tape measure only)
  • Camera or scanner to send the image to us by email
  • Have each floor on a separate page. Divide floors into to sections and draw on separate pages if need be.
  • Start in the front left room of the building and bottom left of the page and work your way round each room adding the measurements as you go or even draw the spaces fist and add measurements in later.
  • Add all fixed items e.g. fireplaces, sinks, toilets, work tops, cupboards,windows, doors etc.
  • At each window or door opening measure the wall thickness and make a note next to each opening width in brackets.
  • Add arrows to any steps or stairs to show the upward direction. Also add an arrow to show the front or main entrance.
  • Make sure all doors have the hinge side correctly shown.
  • Be sure to add a room name e.g. Living Room, Kitchen, Dining room etc.
  • Add a north arrow to show the orientation.
  • Add the address details if you want that on your plan
  • Add any other details you would like on the plan e.g. emergency lighting/exits and signage, fire alarms, extinguishers etc.

Take a photo of; or scan each page (be sure to send the full size image) and email it to info@energyperformancedirect.co.uk and we will have it reproduced electronically for you and send the files back to you by email. Please let us know what the plan is intended for so we can send you the correct layout and format.

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