SAP Calculations

sap calculations

SAP Calculations

If you are embarking on a new build project, converting a commercial building to a residential or adding an extension with lots of glazing then you will need an SAP calculation to comply with part L of the building regulations. We can provide you with an as designed SAP Calculation, as-built SAP Calculation, predictive EPC, and new build EPC. Ideally, you need to commission this work during the design stages of your project, however, we can advise on how to achieve compliance at whatever stage your project is.

In order to produce your SAP calculation we will require:

  • Site layout and location plan showing orientation and nearby buildings (PDF’s preferable)
  • Drawings – Floor Plans, Sections, and External Elevations (CAD and PDF’s preferable)
  • Window and Door Schedule and specification
  • Lighting and heating specification
  • Any changes to the initial design once the project is complete.

There will be no need for us to visit your property so we can offer this service throughout the UK.

We specialise in self-build projects and passive house designs.

Every building project is different so please contact us for a free quote.


SAP calculations are not expensive with costs ranging around the £100-£150 price mark for a large detached house.

SAP calculations are a must in order to produce a new or up-to-date EPC on your property or building and an EPC is required by law to rent or sell a property. To find out more on if you have an EPC you can visit the UK government website at:

SAP stands for Standard Assessment Procedure and is the government's way of calculating the energy performance of properties or dwellings. These are only needed for residential properties.

How are SAP ratings calculated? Although the heading of SAP is “The Government's Standard Assessment Procedure for Energy Rating of Dwellings or buildings”, the score is based on the energy costs. It's expressed on a scale of 1 to 100, the higher the number the lower the running costs.

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